Elegant LP-140 Glass Shower Door

The MoSweet Elegant shower door is made from 10mm clear tempered glass with high-quality 304 stainless steel wheels, hardware, and a towel bar that stay free of rust, tarnish, and corrosion.

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The MoSweet Elegant LP-140 shower door is designed with you in mind. The 10mm clear tempered glass made with ANSI-Z 97.1-2015 and 16CFR 1201II standard. The hardware and towel bar are made with high quality 304 stainless steel that can prevent rust, tarnish, and corrosion. Smooth single sliding door with high quality wheels passed 100,000 time testing in the laboratory. The MoSweet Elegant comes with all mounting hardware, making installation simple and easy. The enclosure comes with special technology to prevent the glass from hitting the wall, and it has top rail supports the ensure wall anchoring and reinforce wall stability. Durable, beautiful, and modern, the MoSweet Elegant is perfect for all.

What’s Included?

Towel Bar


Easy to install with the majority of bathroom
Sophisticated 2-wheel roller system allows easy and smooth sliding operation
Semi-Frameless design and one door sliding that keeps bathroom open and spacious
Reversible installation offers either right or left opening
304 stainless steel hardware and towel bar

Product Details

Product Type: Shower door
Frame Type: semi-Frameless
Door Opening: Single sliding
Door Configuration: Reversible
Glass Type: Clear tampered glass
Glass thickness: 0.39 inch (10mm) & 0.31 inch (8mm)

Product Care

We recommend using mild, liquid dish soap and warm water to clean our products. Please do not use anything caustic, abrasive, or ammonia-based to clean our products.


48"x76" 10mm, 54"x76" 10mm, 60"x76" 10mm, 66"x76" 10mm, 60"x58" 8mm, 60"x62" 8mm

Harware Finish

Chrome, Brushe Nickel, Gold, Oil Rub Bronze


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